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Máirín Duffy duffy at
Tue Jun 1 01:46:49 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 21:37 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >You are not in any position to give personal advice without it coming
> >across in a manner that you I am sure you would not want to purposefully
> >aim for. Personal commentary like this doesn't have any place in this
> >discussion so let's try to avoid it, okay?
> Would you perhaps need a ladder to reach the saddle of that horse?

Below you apologize for personal offenses yet make yet another one. Can
you understand how your apology doesn't come across as sincere?

> >If you disagree with a design for something implemented in Fedora, here
> >are some examples of inappropriate reactions (all witnessed in this
> >thread unfortunately):
> >
> >1 - Rant that nobody asked for YOUR opinion, especially when feedback
> >was actually solicited over a period of several months across several
> >forums that are heavily frequented by Fedora users and contributors
> >alike.
> A few of said users maybe, but by not copying to this list, you probably 
> bypassed, and here I'm guessing without even a scientific basis here, 85% of 
> the everyday users.

What is an "everyday user"?

Where do you get the '85%' figure from? Do you seriously believe that
85% of Fedora users are subscribed to this mailing list? That's
~1,300,000 (~1.3 million) users on this mailing list. Really? Does
mailman even scale that mough?

(~1.3 million = 85% of the ~1.6 million users of Fedora 9 - Fedora 12
according to )

> >2 - Spread conspiracy theories about how the design took place in
> >secret, when the design actually took place in an open and transparent
> >manner, with frequent updates to the design posted over a period of
> >months.
> As I am not subscribed to the lists you maintain were the proper ones for 
> web design, it was, as far as we could see, done in secret.

See #1.

> >If you pay attention to the emails I've written on this thread, I've not
> >taken offense at anyone's opinion of the website. Where I have taken
> >offense is where I've been personally insulted, my skills as a designer
> >and commitment to Fedora and its community have been questioned, and
> >where I was told that I am full of 'BS'.
> >
> >I would *LOVE* to hear more actual feedback on the website and its
> >design - we've been asking for it for months. This thread shows clearly
> >that this list is apparently not a great place to get it - it makes it
> >clear that asking for feedback on this particular list in the first
> >place would have been a bad idea.
> >
> I have to disagree milady.

Don't call me "milady"

> By appearing to have a heavy disdain for the opinions of the (apparently 
> unwashed in your opinion) fedora _users_.  We are just the rabble I guess.  
> We are not qualified to comment one way or the other.  As you see it...

Where's the disdain?


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