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On 06/01/2010 09:39 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> So let's make the assumption that surveys are a useful tool and leave it
> at that. If you are uncomfortable with that assumption then we can't
> engage in this discussion together, I'm sorry.
Only when done properly....
>> Are you saying that 19% is an insignificant portion of the community? 
>> What percentage must it be to garner consideration?  What is the
>> threshold?   What is the margin of error in the survey?
> If I told you the margin of error of the survey (not difficult to
> calculate) would you even understand how to interpret it?
"I" may no be able to....  However, I have mentioned that I do have a
very good friend who has been in the business of designing and taking
surveys for the past 20+ years. 

I'll take your survey, and its conclusions and run it by him.
> Did you read the survey analysis and see that the percentages were
> additive? Did you notice that the numbers in the piechart don't add up
> to 100%? This is because users were able to select more than one
> download method. So if someone used both torrents and mirrors, they were
> counted in the 19% of torrent users. 
> it....looked at the charts.  Noticed that...knew it would be
the case.
>> While this is purely anecdotal.....  My dad is 84 years old.  He had
>> been a long time MS-Windows user.  I got tired of trying to fix his
>> Windows problems via long distance.  Last year we talked about it and he
>> agree to move to Linux.  One of the first questions he asked me was "can
>> I download it with bittorrent?".  That is probably due to his addiction
>> to "The Pirate Bay".  The point is, torrents are not only for the highly
>> technical. 
> Anecdotal evidence about your 84-year-old father is not an appropriate
> response to quantitative and objective data. If you are willing to step
> outside of your immediate surroundings and gather some actual data to
> inform the design we would obviously be more than welcome to consider it
> in our design processes in the future. 
It was simply to illustrate that not only technical people use
torrents.  I thought the last sentence would have clued you into that....
>> But, isn't it time to let this go?  The Get Fedora page has now been
>> modified.  One can now find the torrents from that page.  It may be a
>> bit more obscured than I would have it...but it is there. 
> You're the one who continued to post to the thread...
I only responded today after "several" additional posts by you.  One of
which I directly took issue with as I felt is mis-characterized what

As I said, the Get Fedora page has been modified to include torrents. 
So, what is the point to continue to defend the decision to exclude them? 

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