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Máirín Duffy duffy at
Tue Jun 1 03:01:47 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 22:06 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 31 May 2010, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> >On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 08:22 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> >> It gets me to wondering how a completely new user would be greeted if
> >> they were to see the original "new" Get Fedora web page and were to ask
> >> "Where are the torrents?".  Would they be told..."You must Goggle to
> >> find the torrents.", "You should have been active in the design of the
> >> Get Fedora page."
> >
> >Would a completely new user ask "where are the torrents?"
> Is that what you were tasked with, design it for new users only? 

No, Jon has already told you who I was tasked by the Board to design it

"Someone who is:

(1) is voluntarily switching to Linux
(2) is familiar with computers, but is not necessarily a hacker or
(3) is likely to collaborate in some fashion when something's wrong
with Fedora, and
(4) wants to use Fedora for general productivity, either using desktop
applications or a Web browser."

>  I would 
> suggest that those folks are, again just a SWAG, not more than 5% of the 
> folks who would click on the link to that page.  Even that level of growth 
> per release would be a good effort.  85% of us are what could be called old 
> hands, and some of even have the birthday count to qualify as a genuine old 
> fart, heck, I'm working on my 76th orbit around this star.

I ask again, where do you get 85% from? Who is us? All Fedora users? The
users at lists.fpo mailing list? Technically-sophisticated Fedora users?
Current / non-new Fedora users?
> Point:  Some of us 'users' have been here since RedHat-5.0,

I've been using Red Hat-based distros since 5.0. I was an 11th grader in
high school. (I don't use torrent, btw)

>  and many even 
> longer than that.  Those that constitute 'fedora' only, which Red Hat 9.0 
> morphed into, probably constitute at least 70% of the 'users' today, but 
> that still covers quite a few years. 

Where do you get 70% from? Can you please cite your figures?

>  So the fact that you even asked the 
> question means that 95% of the fedora users were ignored.  That makes me 
> want to ask you why we weren't included in the overall design?  We all know 
> about torrents and we gladly trade some of our bandwidth to reduce the load 
> on your servers.

95% of Fedora users were ignored? Where do you get that number from?

Do you believe that to be valid, a survey has to account for 100% of
users? (This is not the case.)
> Bottom line is that one, 3 word hyperlink saying that "torrents are _here_", 
> would have prevented 99.9% of this ranting and raving.  To say repeatedly 
> that there wasn't room for it is baloney.

It is not baloney. If you cared to actually pause and think about what
someone else has to say for longer than it takes you to compose a
witty/sarcastic/scathing reply in your head to what you're reading, you
might understand that days later now.


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