F13 Workspace switxher failing

BeartoothBBB beartooth at comcast.net
Tue Jun 1 03:15:48 UTC 2010

	Using the new preupgrade from F12, I'm getting very mixed results.

	On one PC, it hit the space problem, told me to quit unless I had 
a wired Net connection (I did), and let me continue. Then it coped, and 
in very little time F13 was up and running, with all my old data still 
	I'm on that machine now, and some things are inordinately slow, 
but do still work, at least for the most part.

	Then I did the same on a Thinkpad T42, and again saw immediate 

	So I tried it on another (newer) PC, and another Thinkpad (a T30) 
-- and have yet to get either of them usable.

	I'll leave the T30 for a different post, if need be; this post is 
for the second PC.

	It has one problem all the time, and one most of the time; the 
former is the worse. I can always log in, and it always gives me my 
normal bottom panel. (My left panel sometimes appears, sometimes not; but 
I can usually make that appear by starting to create a new one.)

	The PC sees both the keyboard and the mouse -- when they are 
behind a USB KVM switch, as well as when they are connected directly to 
it. The launchers on the panels respond normally to mouse-over and to 
clicking -- except for the workspace switcher. 

	The workspace switcher behaves normally when moused over and when 
right-clicked. But it does nothing when left-clicked. (Nor do Alt plus 
arrow key do anything.)

	I keep trying blanket gpk updates; and also telling yum to 
update it, and telling yum to remove it (intending of course to put it 
back immediately). No joy there, either.

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