Not all kernels show up in Grub boot menu

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Tue Jun 1 09:48:07 UTC 2010

On 01/06/10 10:44, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> 	I just tried it and rebooted.  Still only two entries on the Grub boot 
> menu.
> 	It would have seemed strange if "grub-install" worked, since somehow 
> grub.conf knows about all three kernels, since all  three have been listed there 
> since "yum update" installed the new kernel yesterday.  But I know little about 
> Grub, so I am willing to be corrected.
> Steven P. Ulrick

I take for granded you have checked to see if all 3 kernel are still

rpm -qa | grep kernel

# comment out the missing kernel from /boot/grub/menu.lst
then try reinstall the missing kernel.
see what happens.


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