radeon to nvidia to radeon produces pain

Michael Hennebry hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu
Tue Jun 1 13:45:51 UTC 2010

On Mon, 31 May 2010, Suvayu Ali wrote:

> On Monday 31 May 2010 08:48 PM, Michael Hennebry wrote:
>> A friend suggested that I need a radeonhd driver.
>> yum provides '*radeonhd*'
>> lists at least two.
>> Do I need a radeonhd driver, and, if so,
>> how do I tell which one will work?
> radeonhd has been abandoned and is not being maintained any more. The
> radeon stack is the prescribed open source driver for all ATI cards now.

The radeon stack (why is it called a stack?)
seems not to like my Radeon HD 3650.
To get it to work at all, I had to install FC11 again.
Though the card is still being overclocked, all I get is vesa.

Did any version of radeonhd ever work for Radeon HD 3650?
If so, how do I install it?

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