Chromium by default?

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Tue Jun 1 15:00:31 UTC 2010

Valent Turkovic wrote:
> In the latest release [1] of Community Fedora Remix (yes, we are
> looking for a new name [2]) some flack we got was due to having
> duplicate apps; two browsers and two email clients.
> How about switching to Chromium only in our next release?
> Are there some pitfalls that would prevents us from doing so? The
> biggest issue currently is that Chromium is still not in Fedora repos
> (read why [3]) but Tom releases great quality packages and all his
> releases were rock solid so far.
> Chrome/Chromium browser has more than 70 million users[3], much more
> than Fedora itself, for me that proves it is a good and stable
> browser. I have been using latest versions of Chromium for past few
> months, and I have great experience with it. I use both Firefox and
> Chromium, but it looks like most people would like to have just one.
> Please post your comments here or in our mailing list and cast your
> vote here:
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

I'm in favor of keeping as many as possible available with Firefox 
default.  It's easy to change the default by visiting:

     System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Preferred Applications

For one thing, Firebug doesn't work as well on Chrome as it does  on 
Firefox and isn't available for Galeon.  There are other issues as well. 
  Here is a javascript snippet that took a day to get working because it 
behaves differently on those three browsers (I found Konqueror to be so 
buggy that I quit testing against it.)

  var eventCatcher = {
     run: function(){
       dojo.body().onclick = function(e){
         e = e || window.event;            // event:  W3C or MSIE
         var t = || e.srcElement; // target: W3C or MSIE

         switch (t){  // t received the delegation
1 }  window.onload =;
2 }; window.onload =;
3 }  window.onload =;
4 }; window.onload =;

Look at the 4 variations of that last line.

Firefox: 1-4 work;
Chrome:  2 and 4 work;
Galeon:  3 and 4 work;
Only version 4 works on all 3 browsers.

Whose bug is that?  Who can say definitively?  IMHO Firefox is still 
superior and for debugging purposes, irreplaceable.

As to the argument about "most users" I'm reminded that at one time IE 
was on almost every desktop but that didn't stop users from moving to 

My .02,
Mike Wright

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