where does Network-Manager store its VPN settings?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Jun 1 16:06:21 UTC 2010

fred smith wrote:

>> But what is the connection between NM and VPN?
>> I use OpenVPN, and it seems to run perfectly whether I am using NM or
>> not. (NM does not work on one of my machines.)

> NM lets you set up VPN clients for accessing specific remote networks,
> so all you gotta do is a couple of clickies in the NM applet to bring
> up or stop your access to, e.g., your office.

I must say I don't find it particularly difficult to set up OpenVPN
by following the OpenVPN documentation.

I wouldn't really like to feel I had to use, say, Konqueror
to get KMail working.

I mean, NM and OpenVPN seem to me to be completely different applications.

I suspect I am in a minority of one,
but I wish NM would just concentrate on getting WiFi working,
which was its original aim, I think.
I don't want to use it as a sort of alternative OS.

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