F13: Evolution icons - configurable?

John Horne john.horne at plymouth.ac.uk
Tue Jun 1 15:41:21 UTC 2010


I recently upgraded to Fedora 13, and am finding the evolution mail
client icons a bit awkward. I use KDE for the desktop. I found this
image on the 'net of basically what it use to look like:

Personally I preferred the old icons, is there any way re-install them?

If not, then:

1) I used to have both icons and text on the taskbar (as in the
picture). Now I only have the icons. Anyway I can get both back again?

2) The icons are a bit small. Anyway to increase their size?

3) The icons are quite close together, and over to the left of the
application window. As seen in the picture, the icons used to be spread
along the top. Anyway to spread out the icons a bit?



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