Chromium by default?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Wed Jun 2 18:27:52 UTC 2010

Valent Turkovic wrote:
> In the latest release [1] of Community Fedora Remix (yes, we are
> looking for a new name [2]) some flack we got was due to having
> duplicate apps; two browsers and two email clients.
> How about switching to Chromium only in our next release?
> Are there some pitfalls that would prevents us from doing so? The
> biggest issue currently is that Chromium is still not in Fedora repos
> (read why [3]) but Tom releases great quality packages and all his
> releases were rock solid so far.
> Chrome/Chromium browser has more than 70 million users[3], much more
> than Fedora itself, for me that proves it is a good and stable
> browser. I have been using latest versions of Chromium for past few
> months, and I have great experience with it. I use both Firefox and
> Chromium, but it looks like most people would like to have just one.
> Please post your comments here or in our mailing list and cast your
> vote here:
The vote that counts is how many sites browser sniff and reject anything but IE 
or Firefox? As a Seamonkey user I can tell you "too damn many!" And for some 
things webkit and Gecko are not /quite/ the same.

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