Relabeling all audio files on a server

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Wed Jun 2 20:59:05 UTC 2010

On 05/30/2010 04:21 PM, Leonard Adjei wrote:
> I have a server which houses thousands of audio tracks and materials.
> Recently I started using a web application which seems to have a ew
> problems with the naming convention used by default.
> For example it has a problem with apostrophe signs ('), I want to be
> able to create a script which goes to through the folder and all
> files and folders under it and renames all the tracks by deleting
> every entry of the apostrophe where it encounters them.
> E.g. This ain't no game =>  This aint no game
>         Mr Brown's Last supper =>  Mr Browns Last supper
> and like that. I want the apostrophe sign to be deleted but everything
> else stays the same.
> Any suggestions on doing this would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Other suggestions are good, but ...

When using find on files and directories where unknown characters may 
be, learn to use -print0

This uses a NULL terminated string, as apposed to a white-space 
terminated string, which is the default.

For instance:

$ find /my_dir -type f \( -name \*wav -o -name \*WAV \) -print0 | xargs 
--null command

That way you can be sure that 'command' will work upon those file names 
regardless of character composition.

Good Luck!

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