Problems with fetchmail

Mats unix at
Thu Jun 3 05:13:57 UTC 2010

Yes, Oluwagbenga, sendmail is a good thing. I installed postfix because
I thought it should be easier and more safe (I'm used to it on freebsd).
Now I have switched back and it worked perfect as I wanted it. I'm not
used to sendmail in fedora, in freebsd it's more just out of the box. I
had to install sendmail-cf but then it was easy to configure and just do
"make" and restart it.

Thanks again from me.

ons 2010-06-02 klockan 22:23 +0000 skrev Oluwagbenga Shobowale:
> Ok why not look into the man pages for fetchmail, I know there is an option which can direct mails to smtp servers (not sure how postfix works). Mails end up in the directory /var/spool/mail/yourname which is where mail clients pick up the mails for you. I am assuming that you have a mail and the server is trying to append a new mail. I am used to sendmail but I am sure if you check the man pages for fetchmail options you should get all the help you need. You could also post the log here.
> Oluwagbenga Shobowale
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> Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 14:45:29 
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> Subject: Re: Problems with fetchmail
> Oluwagbenga, I followed your tips (thank you) and found that a file
> called my_name.lock was created in /var/spool/mail when I fetched my
> mail. Then in the logfile "access denied" to that file. I have not
> solved the problem yet but it feels that I'm on my way. Thank you.
> /Mats
> tis 2010-06-01 klockan 21:15 +0000 skrev Oluwagbenga Shobowale:
> > I think your log files should give an insight to where the mails are and what is happening .. Please check maillog assuming it is configured in syslog.
> > Oluwagbenga Shobowale
> > 
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> > From: Mats <unix at>
> > Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 22:40:22 
> > To: <users at>
> > Subject: Problems with fetchmail
> > 
> > Hello,
> > I will try to keep this both informative and short. I have installed
> > mutt and fetchmail under fedora 13. I have also changed from sendmail to
> > postfix and it works perfect sending mail with mutt. When I use
> > fetchmail -a to get my mail I can see that it fetch the mails but they
> > don't show up in mutt. The folder in mutt is set
> > to /var/spool/mail/"user" but it seems to be empty. I have
> > no .procmailrc file (not in /etc and not in /home/"user").
> > My .fetchmailrc looks something like this:
> > poll my.isp proto POP3
> > user me_at_isp there with password "secret" is "my_login_name" here
> > And it's chmod 600 (obviously because it starts as normal).
> > As I said, I wonder in what folder he puts the mail?
> > 
> > /Mats
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