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Dale J. Chatham dale at
Thu Jun 3 00:54:48 UTC 2010


Uh, dude.  I'm an amateur astronomer and truly enjoy "exploring the 
stars". .

No need to insult us stargazers :)


This is an individual not suited to have any interaction with humans

On 06/02/2010 06:05 PM, jack craig wrote:
>> Of course he is a "Superior Being".  Don't you realize this he is...
>> Dave Ocame, WS1ETI
>> Awards Chair
>> The SETILeague, Inc
>> Stony Creek Observatory
>> FN31og
>> -72.834 longitude
>> 41.272 latitude
>> Member: The SETILeague, Inc. and,
>> The Society for Amateur Radio Astronomy (SARA) and,
>> The Planetary Society
> I doubt his porcupine personality is suited for more than exploring the
> stars.
> Gawd forbid he actually encounters any real intelligence out there...
> they keep those observatories way out in the sticks for more than one
> reason! :-D

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