Chromium by default?

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Thu Jun 3 04:05:45 UTC 2010

On 06/02/2010 11:28 PM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 06/01/2010 01:54 PM, Valent Turkovic wrote:
>> Chrome/Chromium browser has more than 70 million users[3], much more
>> than Fedora itself, for me that proves it is a good and stable
>> browser.
> I think that assertion is wrong.  Firefox has more users but more
> importantly, the large majority of Chrome users are unlikely to be using
> Linux and a even smaller percentage would be using Chromium and a even
> smaller percentage would be using Spot's repo in Fedora and that's the
> number that actually counts. 
> Rahul

 Whilst above is true - the vast majority of linux users may very well
be or will be using chrome even if they are not the majority of chrome
users. Obviously because Linux is not the majority of desktop os' users
either - tho it is becoming the dominant server os (see top 500 list for
example how it is dominated by linux). So of course we are not the
dominant browser users either .. so what.

 Chrome is the up and comer and will overtake firefox in due time imho.
It is way, way, way better than firefox in a large number of important
ways. It is young still but in a short time has gained enormous
momentum. And it is not just windows users switching.

 However, that is google-chrome - I have not tried spots repo for a
while but when I first tried it it was far less functional than
google-chrome - cannot tell you why (java flash problems primarily if I

 At present chrome is eating mostly IE users and safari users ... and
linux firefox users. I actually no longer know anyone using firefox on
linux (not saying there are none) but everyone I know using linux -
regardless of distro is using google-chrome and holding firefox
just-in-case something has stupidly checked for IE/FF.

 Everyone I know used to use firefox on linux - and that has changed ..
ok not 70 MM but quite a large number!

 We should be advancing chrome (or chromium) - it is in our best
interest - to work on either chromium or with google to include
google-chrome in fedora. Google has switched their desktops to linux or
mac (users choice) - now theres a few more chrome users on linux .. ;-)


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