Relabeling all audio files on a server

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Thu Jun 3 23:26:11 UTC 2010

Phil Meyer wrote:
> On 05/30/2010 04:21 PM, Leonard Adjei wrote:
>> I have a server which houses thousands of audio tracks and materials.
>> Recently I started using a web application which seems to have a ew
>> problems with the naming convention used by default.
>> For example it has a problem with apostrophe signs ('), I want to be
>> able to create a script which goes to through the folder and all
>> files and folders under it and renames all the tracks by deleting
>> every entry of the apostrophe where it encounters them.
>> E.g. This ain't no game =>  This aint no game
>>         Mr Brown's Last supper =>  Mr Browns Last supper
>> and like that. I want the apostrophe sign to be deleted but everything
>> else stays the same.
>> Any suggestions on doing this would really be appreciated. Thanks.
> Other suggestions are good, but ...
> When using find on files and directories where unknown characters may 
> be, learn to use -print0
> This uses a NULL terminated string, as apposed to a white-space 
> terminated string, which is the default.
> For instance:
> $ find /my_dir -type f \( -name \*wav -o -name \*WAV \) -print0 | xargs 
> --null command
> That way you can be sure that 'command' will work upon those file names 
> regardless of character composition.
Exactly why I didn't use xargs in the script I offered earlier. But since I 
wanted to avoid doing the requested name changes to the directory names, I read 
it and used bash editing capabilities.

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