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Fri Jun 4 00:27:25 UTC 2010

Craig White wrote:

> George - I think that you are very offensive towards people who
> volunteer their time. It's easy to understand why Fedora contributors
> don't actually want to participate on the user lists and get abused by
> unappreciative, sarcastic and combative users.


for someone who tends to make offensive remarks, no association to above,
i accept your judgment of what may appear, in your opinion, as meant to
be offensive.

but do know this, neither my intent, nor desire, was meant to be offending.

i do appreciate what fedora contributors do, both programmers and designers
of web pages. just as i appreciate contributors to this list.

i even complimented mairin on her abilities. her reply contained no
recognition of such, only irateness to my using 'ladies home journal'
strictly as a reference to where i felt her design would better fit.

if, in your opinion, what i wrote is 'unappreciative, sarcastic and combative'
towards any of contributers, then so be it, your opinion.

in other thread, i asked same question, where was notice of changing of web
page http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora, as i did in this thread.

thru all of this, an answer to my question was evaded with only replies of
pages that had nothing to do with my question.

now, if you wish to bat this back and forth, go ahead.

but do be aware that my intent was not as you seem to be in thinking.


peace out.



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