Does ccsm work with nouveau?

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Fri Jun 4 02:37:35 UTC 2010

Is there anyone here who has:

1) Installed the experimental DRI drivers


2) Who is using nouveau with an Nvidia NV4x chipset (geforce go 6600 is what 
I got myself)


3) Who enabled compiz in desktop effects


4) Who used ccsm, and actually managed to get ccsm to do something?

I can run ccsm without any apparent errors. I can choose to enable/disable 
various plugins ccsm offers me, through its interface.

But that's pretty much it. I can see nothing that comes out from my 
fiddling in ccsm. Bupkis. Nothing happens as a result of me flipping the 
various knobs in ccsm. I enable, disable various plugins. Pushing the key 
sequence that those plugins seem to be using results in nothing, zilch.

The only thing that works for me are the two checkmarks in the "Desktop 
Effects" preferences dialog. I can make the windows wobble, and get the cube 
effect when flipping through workspaces. But nothing in ccsm proper 
apparently has any effect for me. I ran ccsm from a terminal window, in case 
in blurts something to standard error, but nothing comes out, it just takes 
my settings, and, nothing happens.

It's probably that the freshly-minted noveau driver doesn't yet implement 
some key piece of functionality ccsm needs, but no error gets reported. But 
maybe I've missed some required step somewhere along the way.

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