strange NFS behaviour after upgrade to F13

Julian C. Dunn lists at
Fri Jun 4 02:39:18 UTC 2010

I have upgraded both a NFS client and NFS server to F13 from F12.

Now, on the client, all the files in my NFS home directory appear to be
owned by nobody:nobody. It's as though they were being mysteriously
root_squashed even though they're not owned by root.

Oddly enough, all read/write operations seem to work. The only reason I
noticed is because I tried to SSH to the server and ssh(1) refused to
read the $HOME/.ssh/config.

Anyone have any ideas? On the client I have:

demeter:/home	/home			nfs	defaults	0 0	

in /etc/fstab and on the server:

/home                ,sync)

in /etc/exports.

- Julian

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