Improving the list climate [was Re: Fwd: Fedora Weekly News 228]

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Fri Jun 4 05:09:09 UTC 2010

I think the following.....

1.  Everyone has an opinion.  When the opinion is of a "personal",
subjective nature and the object of the opinion disagrees then they have
choices.  Two possible choices are: either take it as a personal attack
and fight back or ignore it.

2. This list, and every list I've ever been on, has its "moments". 
These "moments" can be protracted but are few and far between on this
list, IMHO.  So, if someone just happens to join the list during one of
these moments, they may be turned off.  I think that would be the
exception and not the rule.  Going back and looking at the archives
would be one way to decide for oneself if this is true. 

3. Guidelines are nice.  Most of the time they are not needed and most
of the time they are not read by new comers before posting.

4. The written language can be a tricky thing in which to impart
emotion/intention.  Aside from everyone clearly marking things "sarcasm,
rant, etc." it is quite easy to take things the wrong way or to take a
simple thing and blow it out of proportion.  This makes #2 unavoidable,
IMHO.  This can be especially true when not everyone on this list has a
common language/culture.

5. A currently congenial list is no guarantee that it will continue to
be so.  To illustrate...  A poster that I consider "new" recently
hijacked a thread and he was pointed to the guidelines in a manner I
thought benign.  Apparently, that isn't how he saw it and darned if he
didn't respond in an "inappropriate" manner.

6. When #2 happens, the hardest thing is to "let it go" and contain the
urge to "have the last word/post" and maybe the opinion that having the
last word means everyone now agrees with you or that you are somehow

7. Sometimes I wonder if providing answers to questions on this list is
generally considered to be "contributing" to the Fedora Community.

8. Not pointing to this list, hosted by the "Fedora Project" with a
description/reputation of being a "get help here" list would be slap in
the face to the majority of people on this list.

9. I think everyone knows that nobody will like everybody the come in
contact.  And that not everyone that comes in contact will like them. 
And, that sometimes there seems no "good" reason why someone rubs one
the wrong way.

10. I can't decide if I want the Lakers or the Celtics to take the NBA

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