Does ccsm work with nouveau?

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Fri Jun 4 11:11:30 UTC 2010

Marko Vojinovic writes:

> On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 4:37 AM, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at> wrote:
>> I can run ccsm without any apparent errors. I can choose to enable/disable
>> various plugins ccsm offers me, through its interface.
>> But that's pretty much it. I can see nothing that comes out from my fiddling
>> in ccsm. Bupkis. Nothing happens as a result of me flipping the various
>> knobs in ccsm. I enable, disable various plugins. Pushing the key sequence
>> that those plugins seem to be using results in nothing, zilch.
>> The only thing that works for me are the two checkmarks in the "Desktop
>> Effects" preferences dialog. I can make the windows wobble, and get the cube
>> effect when flipping through workspaces. But nothing in ccsm proper
>> apparently has any effect for me. I ran ccsm from a terminal window, in case
>> in blurts something to standard error, but nothing comes out, it just takes
>> my settings, and, nothing happens.
>> It's probably that the freshly-minted noveau driver doesn't yet implement
>> some key piece of functionality ccsm needs, but no error gets reported. But
>> maybe I've missed some required step somewhere along the way.
> Not sure, but I believe this is a configuration issue. If windows do
> wobble and the cube effect works, then nouveau driver seems to be
> doing its job right.
> I think this is a Gnome thing, starting compiz in a custom manner and
> ignoring ccsm settings. Try to disable completely desktop effects in
> Gnome, install fusion-icon, and use that to start compiz. Hopefully
> then it will respect ccsm settings.
> HTH, :-)

Thanks. Looks like starting Compiz using the fusion icon is the trick. Some 
of the ccsm settings still do not appear to do something -- "3D Windows" 
doesn't seem to do anything when I CTRL-ALT-Down and flip desktops, but 
others do, the water effect and the paint fire effect, so looks like it's 

Still experimenting…

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