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Fri Jun 4 13:59:51 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 23:22 -0500, David A. Paredes Rios wrote:
> Hello Friends.
> I have a probably little dumb question, before fedora i used debian
> and ubuntu, now, in fedora i have installed acrobat reader and
> evince(default) but my default now is adobe reader, i want evince as
> my default pdf reader, how can i set evince as default in command
> line? because with right click, and set as default using gnome, doesnt
> work for me... in the other distro a used update-alternatives script,
> in fedora what can i do?
> Thanks guys.
You say you want to change the default  in the command line. I assume
you mean in nautilus.
This is how:
1. Right click on pdf-file icon 2.Go to properties and then choose Open
3. Then choose your default  application

After closing the properties  display you will see the default has been

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