Improving the list climate [was Re: Fwd: Fedora Weekly News 228]

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Fri Jun 4 18:28:20 UTC 2010

On 06/03/2010 11:11 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> How do we fix this?
> - moderation?
> - a code of conduct?
> - ?
> I've found some of the behavior of a few on this list to be quite
> embarrassing. To me, it seems an alien island in the middle of the
> Fedora community that I know to be a genuinely warm, friendly, and
> welcoming place.
> Do we want new users to witness this kind of behavior? They are directed
> towards this list right now via a number of different pointers. My team
> is planning to redesign the Fedora website for Fedora 14, and I'm not
> sure we can in good conscience continue to point new users to this list
> [1].
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve this situation? We've had a
> small few but notable trolls in the past 6 years on the Fedora
> art/design lists, and the one solution that seemed to work best was
> placing badly-behaving folks on moderation for a few weeks. I don't know
> if that would be the appropriate solution here, though. For example, do
> we have anyone willing to take on the responsibility of moderating?
I think that we should welcome new users, and at the same time, rather 
than chastising them because they top post or hijack threads, send them 
an email offline politely mentioning their break of protocol. Maybe we 
should email them a small subset of the FAQs. We want people to join the 
Fedora community not be driven from it. We should always remember my 
80-20 rule that 20% of everyone is a jerk. There are going to be jerks 
on every list, and there are going to be good citizens who occasionally 
behave as a jerk. The bottom line is that many come to this list for 
help, and we have a great community of people who are able to give good 
technical help.

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