Preupgrade F11 to F13. DBUS issues, gdm shows empty user list, pulse doesn't work.

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Sat Jun 5 14:57:27 UTC 2010

On 06/05/2010 07:34 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-06-05 at 15:47 +0300, Gilboa Davara wrote:
>> As the title suggest, I've preupgraded a fully updated F11 to F13.
> AFAIK this is not supported:
> "preupgrade prepares your Fedora system for an upgrade to the next
> version ..."
> You probably need to go F11->F12->F13.

The wiki page page on preupgrade notes explicitly that skipping a
release is ok and I have updated the description in Rawhide to clarify this


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