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On Jun 5, 2010, at 2:21 AM, Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at> wrote:

On Fri, 04 Jun 2010 00:17:04 -0400, Máirín wrote:

On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 21:01 -0700, Alan Evans wrote:
2010/6/3 Máirín Duffy:
Do we want new users to witness this kind of behavior? They are directed
towards this list right now via a number of different pointers. My team
is planning to redesign the Fedora website for Fedora 14, and I'm not
sure we can in good conscience continue to point new users to this list


You know, as one of these "new users to the list" whom everyone continues to try to capitalize on in this debate, I have to say that I am indeed turned off by the immaturity, or the bloody inability of you all to cope with each other. I'm tire of having my inbox spammed by these what amount to little more than well-worded flame-wars.  I haven't paid close enough attention to place blame, and I will not; but what I have seen seems to be little more than that. 

My thoughts on this whole thing are that this conversation should be moved to a list about development, or create a new list for community-balance discussions or something.  Because honestly, all of this, the previous FWN discussion, and the one that preceded that, have been irrelevant to the purpose of a beginners list, so far as I am aware.  

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