question about NSFv4 and FC13

Gerhard Magnus magnus at
Sat Jun 5 22:35:11 UTC 2010

I'm currently running FC11 and plan to do a clean install of FC13
throughout my small home LAN. But before I do this I'd like to get a few
things straight about NSFv4 and FC13.

I've been using a setup for NSF suggested by someone on this list for
several versions of Fedora. Here's the procedure:

I use system-config-nfs on the server to create entries in
the /etc/exports file for each directory I want to share, e.g.:

Also on the server, I use system-config-services to enable and start nfs
and nfslock on levels 3, 4 and 5.

In /etc/sysconfig/nfs on the server I force several ports to be
non-random by specifying them as follows:

Then, using system-config-firewall on the server, I make NSF4 a trusted
service. On the "Other Ports" panel I open ports 4000-4003 as well as
port 111 (for the portmapper) as tcp and udp

Finally, on each client, I add a line like this to the fstab file:  /home/magnusg/Music  nfs
rw,auto,hard,intr,bg  0 0

My question is: does any of this procedure change for the NSFv4 on FC13?
Or is there now a less complicated way to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks for the help!

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