How do I associate *.jnlp files to Java Webstart (javaws) on GNOME?

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Sun Jun 6 04:18:09 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-06-05 at 08:55 -0300, Andre Costa wrote:
> I use Chrome on F13, and everytime I try to open a JNLP file it opens
> it with gedit.
> Firefox opens JNLP files just fine, but I guess it has its own table
> of file associations.

Presuming that you're talking about opening a file with a file browser
versus clicking on a weblink and the browser doing something with that
file through a webserver, then yes, there's different mechanisms.

A file browser will use the system file types and actions to identify
the type of file, and hand it over to the default/preferred program.
Or, that file browser can have its own identification schemes and
associated application lists.

And a web server will do its own file type identification, send that
information before the data content, and the web browser will have its
own list of what to do with the file.  It's necessary, as it can handle
certain file types all by itself.  e.g. You want a web browser to show
the HTML, JPEGs, GIFs, etc., as a page, not open a text editor and image
viewer programs (well, certainly not by default).

Conversely, for some served content, the browser isn't given the file.
The file is used by the server to generate content, and that generated
content is served to the web browser, with a file content type
description that pertains to the data actually sent to the browser,
irrespective of the original source that created it.  e.g. If a Java
applet is called by the URI, and that applet produces a HTML page, the
browser is sent a HTML data description followed by HTML data.

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