Traffic Shaping / Bandwidth Throttling

Thom Paine painethom at
Sun Jun 6 13:47:58 UTC 2010

I've been using gShield for years as the firewall on my border device.
I am looking at traffic shaping and bandwidth limiting on my network
to improve my voip and to throttle down my buddies torrents.

I don't mind certain times of the day or night having the speed ramped
up, but prime time 4pm to midnight I'd like to control the speeds on

I'm looking for something that will let me set this up. I'd like to be
able to only slow down one or two IP's, and have the IP's of a couple
of the other PC's on my lan be unaffected.

I've been looking on google, but I don't see much of a solution that
fits my needs. I have my border device doing dhcp, so I can control
which pc's get which IP.

Does anyone have a good suggestion that will handle this?



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