Omega boot time on an old EeePC

Beartooth beartooth at
Sun Jun 6 19:54:39 UTC 2010

	My install of the new and otherwise excellent Omega, in its 
present new release as well as in the previous release, has one sad 
problem. It takes too long to boot -- like ten or twenty minutes with the 
camera card in place, and two to four without.

	The machine is an ASUS EeePC 701, for which I have an 8 GB camera 
card -- and, much to my surprise and incomprehension, those times -- two 
to four minutes *without* card, and twelve to fifteen *with* -- are no 
typo. Booting really is an order of magnitude faster without the card.

	Is the machine already a museum piece -- id est, just too old a/o 
too small?

	Have I put too much stuff on it? (I did first use the package-kit 
to remove everything I could find that I don't expect to use, or not on 
the EeePC -- including such things as OpenOffice, which I'll run on a 
laptop or preferably a PC if/when I run it at all.)

	"df -h" shows 3.1 of 3.5 GB used, with 443 MB available; baobab 
shows 3.1 of 3.7 GB used and 604.7 MB available. Oddly, the real bulge 
according to baobab (*if* I understand that correctly) is *not* in /home/
btth (643.6 MB), but in /usr (1.6 GB; mostly in /usr/share/locale)

	Is the problem something I'm doing or have done that I shouldn't?

	The EeePC's main raison d'etre for me, as for many others unless 
I miss my guess, is to be at hand whenever I find myself in a waiting 
room with wifi -- in which case a quick start makes all the difference.

	Anybody got a clue, or a suggestion?

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