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On Sun, 2010-06-06 at 08:32 -0700, Craig White wrote: 
> On Sat, 2010-06-05 at 08:48 -0500, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > On Sat, 2010-06-05 at 09:19 +0930, Tim wrote: 
> > > On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 15:42 -0500, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > > > 2. For more than 15 years I have found that the GUI partition
> > > > installer hard to use and in F13 it is even more impossible to use.
> > > > This is mainly  because the various options are hard to distinguish
> > > > from one another. I know someone will say it was easy fo them but I
> > > > challenge them in the basic configuration to remove the separation of
> > > > root from home.
> > > 
> > > Do you mean the root user space (typically /root)?  That shouldn't be
> > > inside /home, and that's not a partitioning issue.
> > 
> > No, the basic disk structure created by the partitioner has separate LVM partitions for /root and
> > /home. I wanted to combine them to a single LVM partition. I failed
> > miserably. It does not make much sense what I wanted to do but I was
> > frustrated that  I couldn't  do it. What I really wanted to do is to
> > have the partitions other than swap in a single partition. I got that
> > done but I am apprehensive about being able to do it again on my laptop
> > which also has a Windows XP partition. I find the whole GUI partitioning
> > application confusing.
> ----
> /home and /root are not connected to each other and could only become
> part of the same partition if the / filesystem were part of the
> partition as that is the connection between them. Of course
> putting /, /root and /home in the same LVM partition is actually the
> default so what you are trying to do is nonsensical. But since you
> admitted that what you are trying to do doesn't make any sense it seems
> there is really no reason to complain that what your are trying to do
> won't work.
> Craig
But your conclusion that / is in the same partition as /root and  /home
does not correspond to what one sees in Figure 7.27 in the Installation
Guide  (see my other post) so your assertion makes no sense either.

I should point out the fallacy with your analysis. If /, /root and /home are in the same partition
then the size of the partition would be larger than the sum of the size of
/root and /home. But they are exactly the same.

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