Fedora 12 Cups and Canon IP3000 from command line

Javier Perez pepebuho at gmail.com
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How do I install a Canon IP3000 printer on a Fedora 12
This server is an old computer (Intel Celeron 1000 Mhz). If has a Biostar
M6VLR motherboard (Trident Cyberblade chipset). I mention
this because so far, Xorg+KDE or Xorg+XFCE performance has been awfult,
ultra slow worst than molasses.
Nevertheless on level 3 things work speedy enough.

I just want it to work as a printer server + file server. I am not printing
from this computer, so I do not mind if it works as raw printer.

Therefore I removed everything graphic ( groupremove(X Window) )

My problem is installing my Canon IP3000. It used to work. I'd print to
http://server:631/printers/Canon_IP3000 and everything would be fine.
somehow  I erased that configuration and I am starting from zero.

I installed cups (1.4.2-28.fc12) and cups-bjnp (0.5.4-4.fc12)

I messed a little to be able to go into the administration menus from
another computer in the network. (Allow other_pc:631)
Nevertheless after I configure everything I cannot see it nor recognize it
from the network although it is supposed to be shared.

I tried configuring from lpadmin but gave up, I need to study a lot more to
use it I think.

I need some guidance and clarification in here.

I read that cups_bjnp had like its own server or something like that on port
8411, but the documentation is quite skimpy there.

Has anybone worked this out? Do I need also any PPD file to download to make
this all work?

I am thoroughly confused here.

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