Goodbye Fedora XDMCP and VNC

Robert Myers rbmyersusa at
Sun Jun 6 22:54:16 UTC 2010

I have configured, reconfigured, and wrestled with exporting the Gnome
desktop using either XDMCP or VNC.  With all the various idiosyncracies, it
has been a time-consuming struggle in which I have rarely gotten exactly
what I wanted.

Here is the map to freedom from all this nastiness:

use ssh -X to export X from applications to a desktop with an X-server.

Use the utility alacarte to export a handy guide for all the features that
are normally accessed via graphical menus. Use "properties" of each menu
item to find the command line necessary to invoke a GUI application that
would normally be invoked through a menu.  Use tuxmc or anything you like
other than nautilus as a file manager.

Live the rest of your life without worrying what fedora or gnome has changed
relative to the nautilus, gnome desktop, xdmcp, vnc, or remote access with
whatever release or upgrade you are using.

If you always access a machine remotely, issue telinit 3 to shut down the
graphical interface and x-server you will never need again.  If you can ssh
into your remote box and have a local x-server, you are good to go.

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