FC13 won't start

Yogesh yogeshp08 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 06:01:43 UTC 2010

I went into the Interactive mode

I get a fail message for: *Starting auditd*
And the booting process halts at: *Registering binary handler for Windows

What should I do? What is wrong? The only Windows application I run is
Microsoft Office 2007


On 6 June 2010 23:03, Darr <darr at core.com> wrote:

> On Sunday, 06 June, 2010 @ 17:02 zulu, Yogesh scribed:
> > Now when I boot it, nothing happens. I just reach the Fedora icon
> > (before the login page). I do not get the option to login.
> If you hit the Esc key when the first graphics appear, that should
> make the underlying bootup messages visible, perhaps giving
> a clue where/why it's freezing. e.g. watch for red 'fail' messages.
> If you hit Esc too soon it might make the grub menu appear.
> In that case just hit Enter to continue, then hit Esc again when
> the graphic appears.
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