How do I associate *.jnlp files to Java Webstart (javaws) on GNOME?

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Jun 7 08:05:25 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-06 at 21:48 -0300, Andre Costa wrote:
> the thing is that when Chrome downloads a JNLP file it by
> default saves it somewhere on the filesystem, and offers a "Open"
> option, along with a "always open files from this type". If I use the
> "Open" option, JNLP file is opened on gedit, and if the "always
> open ..." checkbox is checked, clicking on a JNLP file link also opens
> the file on gedit. This is why I believe some additional client-side
> mime-type configuration is needed.

If you gave some examples, people could look and see if it works for
them, or whether /that/ site was broken.

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