F13: screensaver problem after upgrade from F12

John Horne john.horne at plymouth.ac.uk
Mon Jun 7 15:55:37 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-06-07 at 16:27 +0100, John Horne wrote:
> Kevin T. Likes wrote:
> >
> > I recently upgraded from F12 to F13 using preupgrade.  Everything
> > seemed to go well, except for one problem I think I've traced to the
> > screensaver.
> >
> > When I lock the screen now at the console, I get logged  out of my
> > session after a short period of time (a few minutes) .  My first
> > thought was that maybe one of the screensavers was bad, so I went to
> > change that one I was using, but as soon as I selected another one
> > (not even having to hit preview), I get logged out, although it does
> > seem the selection is changed. I tried unlocking immediately, and it
> > works.  If I unlock the screen after a couple of minutes, but before
> > the unwanted logout, the screen just goes black, and I can't get in.
> > The system is still running, though, since I can get in via SSH.
> >
> > I do see in /var/log/messages that is looks like Xorg is coredumping,
> > but I don't see anything to indicate why.
> >
> > Has anyone else had this trouble?
> >
> Yes, maybe. It has happened twice now for me. The first time I assumed I
> did something like tell the PC to logout rather than 'lock'. However, it
> happened again a few minutes ago. I had a task running, and left my PC
> to talk to someone else. I noticed when the screensaver kicked in, but
> didn't look at my PC after that. A few mins later I came back and it had
> logged out. I was left at the login screen.
> I have been able to lock and unlock the screensaver without a problem.
> No blank screen. I do not see anything in any of the log files.
Wow! Spoke too soon :-) It happened again as I was talking to someone.
Screensaver was running, I moved the mouse and got the 'unlock' box.
Entered my password, and it just crashed, and I ended up with the login

In my daemon log (I filter saemon stuff to a seperate log file) I can

  Jun  7 16:46:59 jhorne abrt[11255]: saved core dump of pid 6605
    (/usr/bin/Xorg) to /var/cache/abrt/ccpp-1275925617-6605.new/coredump
    (59949056 bytes)
  Jun  7 16:46:59 jhorne abrtd: Directory 'ccpp-1275925617-6605'
    creation detected
  Jun  7 16:46:59 jhorne abrtd: Crash is in database already (dup
    of /var/cache/abrt/ccpp-1275667541-2204)
  Jun  7 16:46:59 jhorne abrtd: Deleting crash ccpp-1275925617-6605 (dup
    of ccpp-1275667541-2204), sending dbus signal
  Jun  7 16:46:59 jhorne kdm[2118]: X server for display :0 terminated

So it does look like Xorg is crashing.


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