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g geleem at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 7 23:20:11 UTC 2010

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> On 07/06/10 17:52, Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
>> Le 07/06/10 23:48, Bob Goodwin a écrit :
>>> I have /home/bobg/ tar'd to "bobg.tar.gz." Can I extract individual
>>> files or directories without unzipping the entire 17 gigs?
>> tar -xzvf bobg.tar.gz file_to_extract
>> "man tar" is your friend...
> Yes I've been working with "man tar" and Google so thought I would
> come to the place of last resort.
> AS I suspected it probably has to be unzipped first but that's ok,
> just a thought.


as luc maignan points out, there is a way to get your single file.

my concerns are with fact that if a file is broken, tar stops. i would
hope that this has changed.

i do not know as i use 'cpio' scripts for archiving, because cpio will
skip a broken file.

plus, cpio works great with tape archiving, usb memory sticks, usb drives.

to archive;
  find $1 -depth | sort | cpio -o -aBcv > $2.cpio

to un-archive;
  cpio -i -Bcv < $1.cpio

wherein, $1 = source, $2 = target.

which could, i imagine, as i have never tried, be modified for zip
compression by using,

to archive;
  find $1 -depth | sort | zip -** | cpio -o -aBcv > $2.cpio

to un-archive;  [not sure which, would have to try to see]
  cpio -i -Bcv < $1.cpio | grep filename.zip | zip -**
  cpio -i -Bcv < $1.cpio | zip -** filename.zip

where '-**' would be your zip arguments.

see: man find, man sort, man cpio, man zip, man tar.

something i would suggest;

zipping paths to several zip files before tarring.

archiving to several files in event there is a non recoverable
corruption so all would not be lost.

apply old adage about 'all your eggs in one basket'.



peace out.



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