Gthumb in F13

Peter Langfelder peter.langfelder at
Tue Jun 8 15:19:06 UTC 2010

> Hmm, that sounds a bit snide. No one has actually filed bug reports about
> those issues, so I'm not sure how crucial they are. But that's a side
> issue...

I don't consider such omissions bugs, I thought they may have been
deliberate design decisions. By crucial I of course meant crucial for
me and my wife which may not mean a lot for every one else.

> gThumb 2.11.x is a complete rewrite compared to 2.10.x, and is in active
> development. The re-write was necessary to remove a lot of crufty old code,
> and to migrate to new technologies (plugins, gio/gvfs, xmp support, embedded
> thumbnail support for speed, etc...)
> Not all features have been re-implemented yet (in particular, the web album
> tool). I have added bug reports for your pet crucial features:
> You might want to subscribe to those bugs.
> gThumb 2.11.x also allows you to write extensions to implement your own
> special features and contribute them back to the community.

Thanks for the explanations. For now I downgraded to gthumb
2.10.something from F12.


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