FC13 won't start

Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 17:43:51 UTC 2010

Hi Yogesh,

On Tuesday 08 June 2010 10:29 AM, Yogesh wrote:
> Sorry for the top posts. I was negligent.

Not a problem. We all learn through mistakes. ;)

>> When you are at the grub screen, press escape. This will pause the grub
>> timer and let you choose things manually. Hit a to edit the kernel
>> arguments, and add a "<sapace>" and then a "1" at the very end. This
>> will let you boot to a single user command prompt. As root disable the
>> service using
>> # chkconfig<service_name>  off
> I could boot to a single user command prompt. Then I executed the following
> commands
> # chkconfig fnfx off
> # chkconfig wine off

If you look carefully, I think the name of the service is fnfxd, not 
fnfx. You can look at the service name if you do,

# chkconfig --list | grep fnfx

If my assertion is correct try this,

# chkconfig fnfxd off

> The wine one went fine, but for fnfx it said no such package
> Then when I hit boot at the prompt, everything halted at
> Starting atd     [OK]

I believe it gets stuck again since your first attempt didn't turn off 
the faulty fnfxd daemon.

>> If you have difficulty getting to this prompt, go to interactive boot
>> and just skip the daemon and once you login disable as above.
> I could reach the prompt. I am not able to login. How can I skip the daemon
> in the interactive mode?

In interactive mode before the daemon tries to start, it prompts whether 
you want to skip it. Just skip the daemon which hangs all the time. If 
the above step goes well, this shouldn't be necessary.

> -Yogesh


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