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g geleem at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 9 02:30:29 UTC 2010

Ed Greshko wrote:

> I don't know about anyone else here....  But if I have a large tar archive
> I include as the first file in the archive a "ls" of what is in the
> archive.


i have a script for cpio'ing that concatenates into a sub directory of;

pwd, du -sb *, ls -Ar to a file named archive.yyyy.mm.dd

not only do i have info in archive file, or tape, it keeps a running history
of archiving of path in path. i can grep those files to find where file i
am looking for is.

i do not compress my archive files.

> To me, archiving a bunch of smaller tars, zips, etc. doesn't make much
> sense as it makes it harder for me to find what I am looking for, i.e.
> lost.

what do you do if archive file gets broken?


peace out.



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