F13 and Sipwitch - Anyone got this working

agraham agraham at g-b.net
Wed Jun 9 12:41:57 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I thought I'd give Sip Witch a go but I'm have problems making any 
calls, my set up is as follows:

Single segment LAN, with no firewalls, the main host runs sipw in the 
foreground so I can see the messages as follows:-

# sipw -trace -x9 -foreground

/etc/sipwitch.conf says:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<peering>(my public IP Address here)</peering>


my modified /etc/sipwitch.d/lab.xml contains:


<user id="user1">

<user id="user2">

<user id="testing">

<test id="test1">

<test id="ringerr">

<test id="busyerr">

<test id="looperr">

<test id="reorder">


No other config files exist.

The sipw start up log shows the following:

sipw: loading config from /etc/sipwitch.conf
sipw: new realm 9f67c701-77dc-07c6-0000-cdc9875be742
sipw: media proxy configured for 38 ports
sipw: scanning config from /etc/sipwitch.d
sipw: loaded lab.xml
sipw: adding user user1
sipw: adding user user2
sipw: adding user testing
sipw: adding test test1
sipw: adding test ringerr
sipw: adding test busyerr
sipw: adding test looperr
sipw: adding test reorder
sipw: adding admin root
sipw: startup
sipw: registry starting; mapping 200 entries
sipw: starting cdr thread
sipw: stack starting; 200 maps and 10 threads at priority 1
sipw: starting thread 1
sipw: starting thread 2
sipw: starting thread 3
sipw: starting thread 4
sipw: starting thread 5
sipw: starting thread 6
sipw: starting thread 7
sipw: starting thread 8
sipw: starting thread 9
sipw: starting thread 10
sipw: media proxy starting for 38 ports
sipw: starting background thread
sipw: starting media thread
sipw: starting signals
sipw: logfile: server starting 2010-06-09 13:14:07

On the first client (different machine) I run twinkle and it registers 
ok as shown below:

sipw: sip: event 27; cid=0, did=0, instance=8
sipw: challenge required for
sipw: sip: event 27; cid=0, did=0, instance=7
sipw: activating user1; extension=201
sipw: logfile: activating user1 2010-06-09 13:16:20
sipw: registering user1(201) for 3600 seconds from

on the second machine (yet another machine) I also run twinkle and it 
registers fine as shown below:

sipw: sip: event 27; cid=0, did=0, instance=10
sipw: challenge required for
sipw: sip: event 27; cid=0, did=0, instance=6
sipw: activating user2; extension=202
sipw: logfile: activating user2 2010-06-09 13:17:23
sipw: registering user2(202) for 3600 seconds from

So far so good :)

Now, user 1 (201) will dial 202:

sipw: sip: event 5; cid=1, did=2, instance=8
sipw: authorizing local; target=202
sipw: rewrite process; target=202, dialing=202
sipw: rewrite process; registry=0x7f987b808158, dialed=0x269e020
sipw: local call 4c0f869e:1 for 202 from 201

sipw: cannot invite sip:; build failed
sipw: disconnecting call 4c0f869e:1
sipw: sip: sending source reply 486
sipw: sip: event 25; cid=1, did=-1, instance=7
sipw: sip: event 26; cid=1, did=-1, instance=2
sipw: clearing call 4c0f869e:1
sipw: call 4c0f869e:1 local busy 2010-06-09 13:18:38 0 201 202 n/a 201

As you can see, I get "build failed"

What I'm I doing wrong ?



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