sssd and ldap config

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Wed Jun 9 14:34:34 UTC 2010

I have attempted to enable SSSD for my work LDAP server, which I also 
administer, on a fresh F13 install. Once I check the boxes in the 
Authentication app, hit apply, and reboot, I cannot login with any LDAP 
user. Under the local user, I cannot perform getent on any LDAP user. I 
can, however, set my nsswitch.conf to "files ldap" and perform getent 
commands successfully. The LDAP server is configured correctly and has 
been utilized by pre-F13 machines and Windows machines for about 2 years.

I noticed there is a QA test case[1] for this particular feature, but it 
isn't working for me. Is there something I'm missing beyond both the 
Authentication GUI app *and* the testcase page?


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