Bash issues on reinstall

Bob Kinney bc98kinney at
Wed Jun 9 15:40:30 UTC 2010

Hello Folks--

I just installed F13 and for some reason the default bash aliases (like "ll" for "ls -l") weren't included, and the prompt is "bash-4.1$" rather than 
"[user at host dir]$".

I keep /home on a separate partition to make these reinstalls easier, but
I always back up and erase the hidden configuration directories to minimize
compatibility problems, expecting that these will be built as needed.

The first-run wizard noticed my preexisting directory and seemed to deal
with it fine.  It offered to reset SE labels, etc.

The first time I did the install, I forgot to include the /home partition,
so it put it on /'s partition.  The bash issues mentioned here were not
seen then.  Rather than fix it, I just started over (sometimes I prefer
to start over rather than hack).

Can anyone tell me how to avoid this issue?  I don't think I'm doing
anything different from past upgrades.





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