Digital TV on Fedora: can't tune the correct channel

fernando at fernando at
Wed Jun 9 21:25:35 UTC 2010

Hi there,

After reading a brazillian blog ( I decided to buy a
Pixel View PlayTV USB SBTV dongle to watch digital television. The instructions worked fine for a
Fedora 11 notebook, and better yet after I installed Fedora 13, because there was no need anymore to
build drivers and provide firmware files, That is, F13 detects and works with the usb dongle
out-of-the-box. Actually I tried two dual-core notebooks, really nice machines and two netbooks.

Of course I do have many rpmfusion packages for extra cocecs and the like.

But it doesn't works perfectly (neither F11 with the custom built kernel drivers). When I try to
watch a channel, it may get the channel I chosse or it may choose the HD or 1SEG channel. So, when I
do have a good machine and strong signal and want to watch and HD channell, I may get the 1SEG
version of the same channel. And when I'm using a notebook, which doesn't have cpu power for HD
decoding and wish to watch the 1SEG channel, I usually get the HD version of the same channel.

So the question is: how can I make sure my usb digital tv dongle gets the HD or 1SEG channel? What
info should I get to helo debug this problem?

Another problem: I can only get digital TV from VLC. Although both Totem, MPlayer and Me-TV are
supposed to allow me to watch digital TV, and they display the digital tv as an option to play, none
of them (except vlc) can tune and decode the tv stream, although I use the same channel,conf for

PS: The Brazillian Digital TV standard is called SBTV or ISDB-Tb (
is used on many latin american countries and is an incompatible variation of the Japanese system

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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