Thoughts on floppy disks

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Jun 10 12:34:34 UTC 2010

I was recently following the advice in the Fedora-13 Installation Guide
to setup a pxeboot server,
and it recommended that one should read the syslinux documentation
in /usr/share/doc/syslinux-3.84/syslinux.txt .
(Actually, the Guide says syslinux.doc , but that seems to be a typo.)

In any case, this document, which is dated 1994-2009,
seems to be entirely concerned with "CREATING A BOOTABLE LINUX FLOPPY".

There are several other places in the Fedora-13 documentation
where I have come across mention of floppy disks.
(And several Linux programs spend time looking for /dev/fd0 .)

Do floppy disks still exist?
Are computers with floppy drives still being made?

It seems to me that as an absolute minimum
any documentation mentioning floppy drives
should at least explain how CDs can be used to the same end.

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