Upgrade to Fedora13 from Fedora 8

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu Jun 10 13:10:36 UTC 2010

vijay bhide wrote:
> I downloaded Fedora 13 preupgrade which is my /boot directory of my existing Fedora 8 installation.I booted to preupgrade image to start upgrade.I reached a stage where 4installation options were offered.One was to remove completely existing installations ,second was removing existing linux installatios,third was to compress existing Ubuntu 10.04 and the last one was to install on free space.In all the options I was prompted to create boot partition of 500MB.In my existing system I have Win XP on sda1 Mandriva on sda 5,Swap on sda 7,Fedora8 on sda 8 and Data(Fat) on sda 6,Ubuntu 9.1 on sda9,Ubuntu 10.04 on sda10.Grub is on MBR.and no boot partition.
> I stopped at this stage and cancelled the upgrade process.Which option I should use so that existing system is not disturbed.I am giving below partition table.
If you really want to try this, and I can't see that it will work[1], the option 
of installing another disk to get the boot partition is the next step.

[1] work in this case would mean take less time and effort than doing the 
upgrade entirely by hand. I think you have to upgrade in three steps, because 
some important things changed with several releases, such as RPM format and some 
things in /lib and /etc which are layed out a little differently.

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