How is (k)networkmanager supposed to work these days ?

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at
Fri Jun 11 03:04:33 UTC 2010

I set up networking with network manager on my laptop back in F11.  Or
was it F10 ?  Not sure.  Everything has worked fine since then.  I had
an icon in my system tray that showed me signal strength and I could
click to select various APs, connect, etc.  I accomplished this using
the NetworkManager-gnome package.

Last night I upgraded from F12 to F13.  Everything went fine except when
I booted I was without wifi functionality.  I got everything working but
I don't have an icon in my system tray anymore.  

How do I fix this ?

I yum list \*network\*  and saw that there is a knetworkmanager package.
If I install it, how do I use it ?


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