jarmo oh1mrr at
Fri Jun 11 03:26:44 UTC 2010

stan kirjoitti torstai, 10. kesäkuuta 2010 22:49:41:

> You can install the pulseaudio volume control (pavuctl?).  In 
> control you can disable one of the devices in the configuration 
tab and
> then alsa has it.
> Gnome: Applications -> Sound and Video -> Mixers -> pulse 
audio volume
> control
> Set a device to off, pulseaudio will ignore it from then on.
> You have to access it in alsamixer using the card option,
> alsamixer -c<number of card>

Using Kde, maybe there's the problem. If I install pavu, at first 
use it crash and skype is unusable and loud another thing is 
This has to be some kde related, because in Kmix there's just 
volume controlls both cards, nothing else. But when I force 
remove pulseaudeio, I get all controlls into Kmix back. And 
ofcource then I can select in Skype, which card I use.

But the problem is, that this .81 version of skype, mic input is no 
worky, or better say, if I make testcall and listen it, there's 
playback like in low motion films. But in .47 version it worked OK.


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