Anyone got sound with Intel ICH10 chipset? (stopped after F13 upgrade)

Graham TerMarsch fedora at
Fri Jun 11 04:54:14 UTC 2010

Before filing a bug I thought I'd ask and see if anyone here has got sound 
working on Fedora-13 using an Intel ICH10 chipset.

When I'd installed Fedora-12 on it last time I remember having to go through 
some grief in getting PulseAudio working with it, but once I followed the 
instructions online it worked great so I never thought about it again.

After having re-installed fresh with Fedora-13, though, audio isn't working 
worth a ding.  Sounds play, but stutter regularly.  The more sounds you get 
queued up, the worse it gets (e.g. when I scroll the wheel to change desktops 
and it goes "bing" for each switch; worked great under F12 but stutters and 
then stalls under F13).

Most annoying of all, music w/Amarok only plays *one* song reliably.  After 
the song has ended, every song thereafter is out of sync and stutters 

I'm running F13, 64-bit, using KDE-4.4.3 as my desktop.  Motherboard is a 
Gigabyte PE45-UD3P, with an Intel 82801JI (ICH10 Family) chipset, using 
ALC889A codec.

I've tried switching the Phonon engine from "Xine" to "Gstreamer" and back, 
but the problem exists with both engines.

I've tried "tsched=0" but that made things worse, with sounds not only 
stuttering but also increasing in pitch.

I've had a look at the h/w list for snd_hda_intel to see if any of the quirks 
devices listed there were close to this one, but didn't see anything that 
looked close.

I've tried copying over the config I had on my old machine for PulseAudio and 
ALSA, but that didn't make any difference either.

So.... anyone out there got this working and would care to share the secret?  
Or, shall I file a bug?  :(

Graham TerMarsch

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