Mr Gabriel gabriel at impactteachers.com
Fri Jun 11 14:22:17 UTC 2010

Get a live cd of fedora, and test it on your target machine if you can.

Ask in #fedora on freenode if anyone actually has your laptop running fedora, or even indeed on this list :)

Kind Regards,
Mr Gabriel (bberry mail)

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Hello All:
   I am about to build out a physical Fedora system on an existing
laptop. Up to now all my installations have been within VMWare, Xen or
KVM. I found the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List), but it is very
much dated and largely unpopulated. I seem to recall a process some
time ago where hardware profiles could be uploaded and their level of
support ranked (e.g., "doesn't work", "works with issues", all the way
to "works flawlessly"). Anyone have a Google spell or a URL for this
project?  I'm considering purchasing a new, low-end laptop for this
project and definitely need wireless, dual monitor output in all modes
(laptop screen and monitor in mirrored display and xinerama), and
camera/mic.  The issue I'm confronting is that the low-end laptops do
not always list their components so I need to go by specific model

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