FC13 Virt & Win XP guest

suvayu ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 20:52:09 UTC 2010

On 11 June 2010 13:02, Ken Smith <kens at kensnet.org> wrote:
> Suvayu Ali wrote:
>> I was installing from a CD, so I went to the hardware details tab and
>> selected the CD ROM drive in boot options as the boot device. I know
>> this sounds stupid, but it worked then. However after your email I tried
>> to check whether it can still boot. (of course after changing the boot
>> device to something appropriate) But its stuck at "Booting from Hard Disk"
> Despite my doubts I tried the boot from CD option as you suggested. It
> works. The GUI part of install then concludes. But the virtual machine
> won't boot if I switch it to boot from hard disk. So I've left it set as
> boot from CD for the moment and just ignore its "press any key...." prompt.
> A bit of a kludge but its working.

Since this is reproducible, its definitely a bug. I'll try to file a
bug report over the weekend. Sometimes bugs can be "unbelievably"
weird. :-p

> :-) Ken


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