Amazing problem of /boot

Pallav Jain b330bkn at
Sat Jun 12 09:43:25 UTC 2010

today i am amazed to see that my /boot folder is empty and i am unable to
decide and generate the reason(s) for it, why suddenly is it happening, i my
self not able to understand though i have installed fedora core 11 and
updated all the packages via GUI, irrespective of the fact that whether the
package could be of any utility or not for my usage.

till yesterday everything was there okay and today /boot contents are
missing only the empty directory /boot is there??

The changes i did today:

1. Disabled the root login by uncommenting the second lines of the files:


2. Tried to improve the bandwidth, as per:

/etc/sysctl.conf edited, swappiness edited, noatime and nodiratime
added in /etc/fstab

3. installed preload and implemented the improvements via tmpfs.

I am amazed to see this THOUGH I AM ABLE TO LOGIN.
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